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Thank you for your interest in Indivisible Evanston and for signing up to receive our weekly email newsletters and email alerts about our meetings, events and actions. By signing up, you are joining a group that, since 2017, not only resisted the harmful actions of the Trump administration, but contributed to taking back our House majority in 2018. In 2020, our work was focused on and succeeded in keeping that majority, taking back the Senate and electing President Biden and Vice-President Harris. In 2022, we are working hard to hold the House and Senate!

The first step to join us is enter your information and interests below. We use this list to contact you regularly in our efforts to partner with the larger Indivisible Chicago Alliance, Indivisible Illinois and national Indivisible to take progressive, grassroots action to: 
  • Continue to resist the ongoing threat of right wing extremism and Trumpism to our democracy.

  • Ensure Democrats take advantage of their control of the three branches of the federal government to make meaningful, progressive change in our country.

  • Increase the number of progressive legislators in Congress.

We do not expect our members or our allies to agree on all issues, but we invite those who agree progressive change is needed to work together on issues of common concern. We seek to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, and we are committed to non-violence in all our actions.

We assure you that this is a private mailing list and that your email will not be shared with any third parties without your permission.

Once you sign up, please check your email to confirm your subscription and make sure that you add us to your contacts so these emails do not end up in your spam folder.

Thank you for joining our community of organizers and activists, and we look forward to standing indivisible together and to staying in touch with you!

Thank you,

Indivisible Evanston Leadership

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